Saturday, September 1, 2012

Podcast Trial #1

Trial Run of Podcast for Fam. & Friends

I've decided to try pod-casting occasionally. I figured today is a pretty good day to start. I was feeling a bit depressed about having a third of my life being done. I'm an optimist though so my podcast is about what I have accomplished.. So, here goes!

30th Birthday. Podcast #1

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Here are some pics to make you all jelous! Enjoy the snow! HA HA HA


Monday, January 18, 2010

Where Have We Been?

I know that Brendon and I have been really bad about updating our blog. I am posting just a few highlights of the past couple of months. There are certainly a lot of holes, but hopefully we can fill in the gaps. Unfortunately our camera was stolen a couple weeks ago after a break in. We hope to be replacing it soon. Over the past several months we have been able to see many of friends and family along with some beautiful places. We are very blessed and hope all of our blog followers haven't given up on us. I will be adding some captions when I have a little more time, and I promise it won't take 8 months.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Camping 101

We went camping a few weekends ago. Here are a few videos:

How to start a REAL fire:


DeNae with her successfull bow drill fire

How to chop wood and pick a great camping spot:


How to Hunt:


How to relax:


Over all it was good to get out and camp. Hopefully there will be pleanty more posts like this!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Okay..Okay..Okay Already........

I have heard "Hey Brendon when are you going to update your blog?" about 100 times from the following people:
Megan, Dustin, Mom, Brady N,Erika N, Chris S, and most important DeNae. Although DeNae said it a little more reluctantly. This blog is one thing that she would rather be in charge of. She always says: "You post the worst pictures and I can't do anything about them..". I say what bad pictures?

So, for DeNae I will try to keep the pictures I am posting kosher.
Anyway, I have some free computer time because our union is wanting to strike so, I am hiring 1000+ people and their training is mostly computer based. This frees me up to blog since the office is out of projects for me. Lucky you!

I think that here is the part where I should be apologizing to all our faithful blog followers (all 2 of them) for waiting 6 months to update this......Tough! Start sending checks for the quality entertainment you are getting and I will be more consistent!... I do plan on being better, especially if this strike stuff continues...

DeNae has been busy with: Achievement Day girls, cleaning up after me, cooking for me, biking, snowboarding, hiking, gyming---that didn't sound as good...and to add to her list Stake Camp Certification person. The last is the funniest. If you want a really good laugh call DeNae and ask her how her camp meetings have gone so far. DeNae is not a girls camp girl. DeNae is not a boy scout girl. DeNae has her own class of intensity, especially camping and outdoors. So when she brings up thigs like: digging your own cat hole to go to the bathroom in & decorating camp is definitely not a part of real camping.... the reactions are pretty funny!

I have been busy with: making a mess, eating DeNae's food, and I really like my job but do not like the time that I spend away from DeNae. I have had to drive to Denver almost every day working on special projects for this Labor dispute. I have been leaving the house around 5:30 am and not getting home until 8 or so. I don't know if DeNae and I are unusual for this but we do everything together. There isn't and activity that I do that she doesn't want to come versa. We have the same friends so we are always together and I've grown accustomed to this. So this has been hard for me being away from her. For many days they have just put me in hotels in Denver and I've slept awful! If it sounds like I'm dependant on DeNae, I probably am. I'm okay with that. I love her.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mt. Biking @ Bobcat Ridge

for the 1st time that I can remember, I slept in on a Sat... Well at least until 7. DeNae and I enjoyed a whole weekend together. I was in Denver training Mon-Fri so.. even the weekend before thanksgiving I had a weekend off. We went to Bobcat ridge. It's an incredible, super technical trail about 20 miles away. The area burned down about 10 yrs ago and is just in the process of regrowth.. That makes for some amazing, unpredictable trails! While we were there we met some friends! We live in the outdoor celestial mecca! I love this place!

The End.